Glorious and noble beasts, the art of taming griffons for flight has only been recently recovered.

The Griffon is a hidden mount found in the Crystal Desert in Path of Fire that can be unlocked after completing the Path of Fire storyline.

The griffon’s special movement ability is flight. While it cannot gain altitude above its starting point, apart from a substantial hop at the start, it can flap its wings periodically to regain some of the altitude lost in gliding, allowing near-level flight. By hopping on to structures or elevated terrain, it can quickly gain height. This makes it in many aspects a more effective version of the glider introduced in Heart of Thorns.

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After completing the Path of Fire story, players will begin to find strange items: Strange Pellet of Bones and Fur, Strange Droppings, and Strange Feather, which direct them to Beastmaster Ghazal in The Menagerie within Garden of Seborhin, in the northern Domain of Vabbi. He’ll point players to his assistant, Seeker Kandake, at Spearmarshal’s Lament on Yahnur Plateau in the southeastern part of the Domain of Vabbi. To reach Seeker Kandake, players can start from Vehtendi Academy Waypoint and move south toward Vehtendi Vineyard, then turning east before reaching the vineyard. The path continues through a brandstorm, the Fury of the Brand lightings can be negated by riding a skimmer. Following the path, players will reach a jackal portal. Quickly switching from skimmer to jackal to avoid the lighting and taking the portal will take players right to Kandake. After talking to Kandake, players can mount on a springer and reach the ledge right above her. Slightly to the left is a jackal portal (the one high above, not the one at the bottom near the mastery point. If players fall down they can climb back up with a springer). Players should dismount their springer, await a small break from the brandstorm, mount their jackal, and take this jackal portal to enter the Yahnur Plateau, which is safe from the brandstorm. Fom the plateau, players can mount on their springer and jump to reach the Sunspear Sanctuary. There are several other ways to reach the sanctuary, this is merely one of them.

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