Mythic to Mythic Glory

Ranks are the Grading System for Mobile Legends players that determines how proficient and experienced the player is. Players are rewarded one star for every victory in a Ranked Game, but they lose a star for every defeat in a Ranked Game. When a player has full stars in level within a division, the next victory will result in a promotion to the next level within a division. However, when a player has full stars in a level I within their division (ex. Warrior I, Epic I, and Legend I), they will be promoted to the next division.

When a player has no stars in a level within their tier, the next defeat will get them demoted to the previous lower level (ex. Epic II → Epic III and Legend IV → Legend V) in their division. However, if they have no more stars within the lowest level in their division, they will drop down to the highest level of the lower division (ex: Legend V → Epic I and Grandmaster V → Master I).

In the Warrior division, no stars will be deducted for losses. For some of the ranks, if they reached another rank, it increases the slot by 1-star.

Mythic is the 7th rank, after Legend. This is the highest tier in the Mobile Legends Ranked game mode, Players which reach this division will no longer get any stars, and will instead get points. On this rank, players are expected to be flexible with heroes or roles that they picked and possess tremendous skills in these heroes that they had chosen to play. This rank allows players to play in a 6 hero-ban draft pick, promoting better tactics to come into play, during counter-picking. Mythic division is divided into 5 tiers from Mythic V to I, in which, a pure point system applies. This increases points based on matches won and similarly decreases points on matches lost. Additionally, Star-Raising bonuses is removed after reaching this tier. Upon initial entry, Mythical rank players now have to play 10 placement matches to determine their starting points. Every tier is worth 100 points, which is gained by ranked matches, depending on the tier and points held by the opponents. Conquering opponents with higher points will, in turn, grant the player higher points while losing to enemies with lower points, will have a result in a bigger point loss. Losing a match at 0 points will drop the player back to Legend I, while gaining 600 points, players will be granted the Glorious Mythic title. Ranking up to Mythic requires Legend I and 6 stars, along with the completion of the placement matches. Only Legend, and Mythic players can invite you.

Mythical Glory is the highest rank in-game. It can be achieved by reaching 600 points and above. When the Season ends and a new season begins, a starting division will be calculated based on the final division calculated in the previous season. Ranking up to Mythic Glory requires exactly or more than 600 points on the Mythic Glory rank.Mythic to Mythic Glory.

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