New World Gold Farm 1.000g


Coin is the standard form of currency across Aeternum. It is used in most common transactions, unlike Azoth or Faction Tokens. Players can most easily view their current coin count in the Player Inventory screen.

Exchanging Coin

Using Coin

Coin can be spent at Trading Posts, to buy Housing, or Respec Attributes. It is also spent along with repair through durability mechanics.

Gifting Coin

A player may give other players Coin by selecting the “Give Coin” option from the bottom of the Player Inventory screen.

Receiving Coin

Players may receive coin in many different ways. They can be given coin, they can complete missions, they can kill enemies, or they can sell items in the trading post.

Coin Limit

Coin is capped at 500,000.00


Through the give coin feature, it’s possible for Companies or specific players to amass wealth quickly. We don’t know enough yet on how the game’s economy will function in the long term.


Players are taxed in all faction controlled regions at different rates. This means that most crafting and selling have fees associated with doing so.


Durability loss costs gold.


No backstory yet…

Patch Changes

Beta – None


Currently just in game observations.


New World Gold Farm 1.000g. Visit for more detail.

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