Spirit Shard are a PvP currency dropped by bosses in the Auchindoun instances when the player’s faction controls the five Spirit Towers in the Bone Wastes. Spirit Shards can be easily and effectively farmed by repeated partial runs of the Auchindoun instances. For example, a competent group of level 70s can run halfway through Sethekk Halls and kill Darkweaver Syth in just about 10 minutes, garnering 2 Spirit Shard apiece as well as Syth’s normal rare loot.Spirit Shards are a currency. They are stored in the wallet and may be traded to Miyani and Mystic Forge Attendants. Completing any of the following story steps: Personal story  Chapter 2: Interested Parties VAL-A Golem path Magnum Opus Transatmospheric Converter path Flash Flood Infinity Ball path Split Second Charr  Chapter 2: Sins of the Father Loyal Soldier path In the Ruins Sorcerous Shaman path Sins of the Father Tribunes in Effigy Honorless Gladium path Dishonorable Discharge Thicker Than Water Human  Chapter 2: Shadows of the Past Unknown Parents path Ashes of the Past Dead Sister path Liberation Missed Opportunity path The Ringmaster Norn  Chapter 2: Everyone Makes Mistakes Blacked Out path The Machine in Action Revenge path The Championship Fight Lost an Heirloom path Preserving the Balance Means to an End Sylvari  Chapter 2: The Teachings of Ventari Act With Wisdom path Shattered Light A Vision of Darkness Right to Grow path Eye of the Sun Where Life Goes path Snuffing Out Embers Asura  Chapter 3: Rescue Researcher Durmand Priory path A Meeting of the Minds Order of Whispers path Lines of Communication Vigil path Rakt and Ruin Charr  Chapter 3: Crystal Corruption Durmand Priory path Research and Destroy Order of Whispers path Whispers of Vengeance Vigil path Ever Vigilant Human  Chapter 3: Traitor to the Queen Durmand Priory path The Queen’s Justice Order of Whispers path The Trap Vigil path Kellach’s Attack Norn Chapter 3: Death from Below Durmand Priory path Silent Warfare Order of Whispers path Sever the Head Vigil path Assault the Hill Sylvari  Chapter 3: Justice for Riannoc Durmand Priory path Dead of Winter Order of Whispers path A Tangle of Weeds Vigil path Flower of Death

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