The story Tyria is a continent in the world of the same name although in common parlance the name is generally used to refer to its western region known as Central Tyria.[1][2] It is part of the same super-continent as Elona. The story Tyria 100% Map Completion Requirement to order this services : (Check if you have it) The geography of the continent ranges from the dense jungles of the Maguuma; to high mountains of the Shiverpeaks; to forests of Ascalon, the Blood Legion Homelands and the Woodland Cascades; to the sandy Maguuma Wastes and the edge of the Crystal Desert which marks the border between Central Tyria and Elona.[3] Beneath the land stretch the interconnected caverns of the Depths of Tyria which hold ancient structures of unknown origins that date back to a time before humanity. Over ten thousand years ago, the Great Giants once roamed the land. Before all recorded history, the Elder Dragons roamed—whether before or during the time of the Giganticus Lupicus is still unknown. And over a thousand years ago, before the exodus, the human gods lived in the continent of Tyria. Throughout the ages, the continent has changed—from seas turning to deserts, to sinking kingdoms and scorching lands, to flooding cities, and to deserts turning green by diverted rivers—and may continue to change. Early history ,In the distant past Great Giants roamed the land and dragons ruled the skies. The elder races—dwarves, Forgotten, jotun, mursaat, and Seers—were among the most magically adept. They had thriving civilizations until the Elder Dragons arrived and devastated both the land and the inhabitants in their ravenous search for magic. The Elder Dragons’ actions diminished the elder races as a result and even caused the extinction of several other once notable races like the great giants.[4][5] At the end of the previous dragonrise millennia ago, the Seers created the first Bloodstone to seal their and other races’ magic within it to hide it from the Elder Dragons. While most of the elder races gave up their magic, the mursaat, however, refused and waged a war against the Seers before betraying the other races in the alliance and phasing into the Mists.[6] Deprived of their sustenance, many Elder Dragons eventually concentrated around Central Tyria before going into hibernation to wait for the levels of ambient magic to rise so they could feast on it once more. Glint, the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik’s champion who had been freed by a Forgotten ritual, shielded the surviving races through the calamity until it was safe for them to emerge again. During this time, some Tyrians like the jotun regressed into savage brutes or lost their former power while many other races like the charr,kodan and tengu became more prominent.[4][7][8] Little information from this time has survived to the present day except for some ancient writings like Mursaat Lore Tablets or jotun stelae.

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