Thanks to your training, the skyscale species now has an innate steed-rider instinct and a desire to soar to new heights.

The Skyscale is a mount released with the Episode 6 of Living World Season 4, War Eternal. It is the third new mount added to the game since the release of Path of Fire. Upgrades to the skyscale mount improve its flight ability.

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First, complete Descent, the final story step of the War Eternal episode. Once you’re back at Lion’s Arch, you’ll receive mail from Gorrik, inviting you back to Dragonfall. Once there, you can find him next to the Skyscale Eyrie point of interest. Talk to him to begin the collection achievements.

Skyscales are a new and mysterious draconic life form. They use their powerful wings to lift into the air from the ground and maintain altitude and can cling to walls to regain their strength. With a  companion, you’ll reach heights you’ve only dreamed of.

Skyscales are a new species of lesser dragons born from the Mists out of the disturbances caused by Kralkatorrik and Aurene. Similar to other lesser dragon species, like wyverns and drakes, while they are capable of consuming magic, they are not capable of ascending into Elder Dragons. The original Skyscales were “born” from the Mists fully grown, resulting in an accelerated growth rate that eventually killed them prematurely. However, the next generation were born from eggs normally and do not suffer from this accelerated aging.

Once the skyscale is fully unlocked, the player will have additional control options available as keybinds. In your Control Options menu, under Mounts, you will find Mount Ability 1 and Mount Ability 2. For the skyscale, these keybinds translate to Dash and Decrease altitude respectively. By default, your character can dash using the V, and decrease altitude using C. Alternatively the engage skill can be also used to decrease altitude, but this will cause the player to dismount once they reach the ground. Players can control the pitch (up to approximately 30° from horizontal) of the skyscale by aiming the movement direction up or down with the Mouse while in flight.

A skyscale has 5932 health. Like all mounts,  can be dyed before being unlocked. The dye will affect any borrowed  around Dragonfall. During Skyscale Care, the  hatchling will visibly grow after every reset according to the event progress bar.

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