This Vision is a legendary trinket obtainable through Living World Season 4. All six episodes must be unlocked in order to craft this vision. The exact visual effect depends on the total number of legendary trinkets equipped. With weapons stowed, an ethereal aura will appear around the player. With weapons drawn, four orbs or bubbles will orbit the player’s head. Having a Skyscale is required for certain parts of the collection. Requires Rift Repair mastery. You will need 6 Memory Essence Encapsulator, which in total cost. The Memory Essence Encapsulators must be held for the following 6 time-based metas Domain of Istan: Sunspear Uprising Sandswept Isles: The Specimen Chamber Domain of Kourna: Defeat the Legendary bounty (Troopmarshal Olori Ogun) – bounty not timegated meta Jahai Bluffs: Destroy the Death-Branded Shatterer Thunderhead Peaks: Thunderhead Keep (meta event) Dragonfall: Defeat ley-infused champion after Break the Crystal Dragon meta event The following Living World Season 4 achievements or the PvP/WvW Reward Tracks that correspond to each of their awarded items must be completed: “Daybreak” Mastery (or Domain of Istan Reward Track) “A Bug in the System” Mastery (or Sandswept Isles Reward Track) “Long Live the Lich” Mastery (or Domain of Kourna Reward Track) “A Star to Guide Us” Mastery (Palawa Joko’s Staff Head cannot be obtained from any reward track) “All or Nothing” Mastery (or Thunderhead Peaks Reward Track) “War Eternal” Mastery (or Dragonfall Reward Track)


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