Trained for battle and siege warfare, the warclaw knows no fear.

The Warclaw is a mount available exclusively through World versus World. It is the second new mount released since the launch of Path of Fire. Upgrades to the warclaw mount improve its movement speed in owned territories, grant new skills, which allows to detect enemies and to damage gates, as well as add additional effects to its engage skill Battle Maul.

Discovered by Durmand Priory scholars, warclaws are magical constructs bound to armor of uncertain origin. Assembling the armor will manifest a fierce and loyal mount to ride in the Mists—but you’ll need to join the Mist War to find it.

The Warclaw is a spiritual animal bound to armor found in the Mists. It is theorized that the creature was made years ago for some ancient war in the Mists and abandoned after the war had concluded. Discovered by the Durmand Priory’s expeditions into the Mist Wars territories, it is related to other mystical constructs such as the sand jackals, Exalted, and Forged. The creature manifests once the armor set is placed together and imprints on the one who assembled the armor, and will disperse if the armor is disassembled. The armor itself is of Tyrian design, but mirrors styles of multiple cultures throughout Tyria’s history, making its exact origin unclear.

A warclaw has 10,972 health in PvE and PvP and 8,779 health in WvW. On average, it takes 8 hours to complete the Warclaw Reward Track without Potion of WvW Rewards or any bonuses.

It is the slowest mount. Its base Movement Speed in WvW is about 453 u/s[3], which is a 54% increase over standard movement out of combat or a 16% increase over out of combat movement speed with Swiftness. Its movement speed in PvE is about 539 u/s, which is a 83% increase over standard movement out of combat or a 37% increase over out of combat movement speed with Swiftness. Continuously using the movement ability further increases the effective movement speed to about 590.

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