World Experience (WXP) is a WvW, account wide progression track, similar to rank. Each character gains points by completing relevant WvW activities, including killing foes, capturing strategic locations from other servers, and defending those same locations. Increasing the point total allows your character to gain World Experience Ranks, each of which grants World Ability Points and various tangible rewards. Each character has the same number of World Ability Points, but may allocate them differently among the WXP upgrades.

Each new WXP rank rewards the following:

1. One World Ability Point, which can be spent on various WXP upgrade progression tracks such as: passive bonuses, siege weapon skills, and on-kill effects. There is a maximum of 10,000 points that can be earned; WXP rank rewards past rank 10,000 will not include additional ability points.

2. A World Rank Chest with WvW rewards. Each chest contains coins and Badges of Honor. In addition, there is a chance of a bonus item(s), including: Ascended rings ,Ascended weapons ,Ascended armor, Armor or weapons of masterwork, rare, or exotic quality, including precursors Blueprints, either ordinary or superior Traps WXP Consumables and Boosters.

Your world rank increases as you gain WXP through your accomplishments in WvW. The first 4 ranks (up to rank 5) only require 1,000 WXP; after that, each rank requires 5,000 WXP.

Your rank title, together with your server name, is shown to enemy players instead of your character name, e.g. Divinity’s Reach Silver Footman.Players will grant more WXP the longer they have been alive. Getting different ranks (bronze/silver/gold) for event completion scales the WXP awarded, while various modifiers (see WXP modifiers section below) will grant a bonus to world experience.

Guard Killer does not affect condition damage. The Mercenary’s Bane effect works on enemies belonging to one of the Mercenary camps. World Ability Points can be reset through consumables purchased from the World Ability Master:  Ability Reset Guide,  Sample Ability Reset Guide

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