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Mobile Legends Bang Bang patch 1.6.18 is expected to arrive on September 21, 2021. One of the updates is revamp hero.

A Revamp Hero refers to a hero that entirely changed with new skills, lore, voicelines and more. This is to make them more playable, viable in the meta and become more popular amongst players.

A Reworked Hero refers to a hero who has their skills changed without changing their hero design.

A Remodeled Hero refers to a hero that has their hero design and model updated to have a more high-quality and creative design without changing their skills or playstyles.

Revamp is an English word and means to change. In the world of games, Revamp Hero means a change in a hero’s appearance, skills, or stats.

So if there is a revamped hero, the hero will experience changes in appearance, skills, or stats.

Overhaul is usually done to improve hero’s performance. Because of this, heroes who are overhauled usually have better skills and looks.

Because of this, lower-powered heroes that are rarely used in a game are being reworked.

Moonton will revamp hero for 4 old heroes in patch 1.6.18, The revamp heroes are Kagura, Odette, Lancelot, and Hayabusa. One of the skins of each of these heroes will also receive a design overhaul. The appearance of the four heroes has been changed to in-game skills. Of course, players who use those heroes will have to retrain to get used to fighting in combat.

Moonton is a Chinese video game developer and publisher of an online battle arena game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. The company offers online and mobile role-playing games (RPG) games, multiplayer sporting activities, and more delighting players with detailed graphics and an intuitive gaming experience. revamp hero is always done in every patch update so that the hero is able to compete in the current meta

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