Guild Wars 2 Builds for Elementalists with Maximum Damage

Guild Wars 2 Builds for Elementalists with Maximum Damage. Prepare to read about how I developed an elementalist with maximum damage in ArenaNet’s game. Game Guild Wars 2 is a classic RPG game that has been around for almost a decade. To finish both tasks and matches in this massively multiplayer online role-playing game, you’ll […]

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Free Skins MLBB Event to Get Elite And Basic Skins

Free Skins Mobile Legends? Yes, you can get the Elite Skins and Basic Skins for FREE. It’s so easy, you need to log in to the game and complete tasks during September 25 – October 15. Don’t miss out to get your FREE hero skins! Elite Skins are one of the major skin types in […]

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The best Mobile Legends Tank Based on Tier List

Tanks heroes are the most durable among all in mobile legends. These front-line giants help in attacking enemies. They’re usually found leading the charge, choosing the right times and situations to initiate aggression. Many tanks can also protect their more fragile teammates by stunning or pushing around dangerous foes and limiting their damage potential. In […]

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The best Mobile Legends Support based on tier list

The best Mobile Legends Support based on tier list. The support role is to aid and help protect your allies in any situation. Your role is to shield or heal them, to tanking some damage or sacrificing yourself to keep others alive. You are often giving up the glorious kills in the game to support […]

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Best Marksman Tier S

Marksman is a type of role that has a hight attack/damage and critical and distance. This type is commonly referred to as carry/ADC[Attack Damage Carry].Marskman plays an important role in the game by defeating enemies from a distance. When using this hero, be smart to keep the distance with the hero of the opponent, because […]

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Best Mage Tier S

Best Mage Tier S The best Mobile Legends Mage based on tier list. Mages are powerful spellcasters who use their abilities to dish out bursts of magic damage while also providing crowd control. They tend to be particularly squishy, and they are high priority targets. ◾ Tier S : Alice, Esmeralda, Eudora, Kagura, Zhask ◾ […]

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