Do you, fellow New World players, require any sort of tutorial or guide to help you advance your skills more quickly? Some gamers, presumably rookies, are in need of this instruction, as we’ve learned recently. To find out if there is a quicker method to Increase Expertise, please see the article linked below.

What can be done to to Quickly Increase Expertise?

Chest Run

A chest run through Scroched Mines, Genesis of Malevolence, and Upper Svikin is one of the step to Increase Expertise more quickly.

Daily Orbs Gypsum

To Increase Expertise more quickly, it is possible to get gypsum by engaging in a wide range of activities. Making Gypsum Orbs from gypsum, which may later be used to manufacture Gypsum Casts, is an efficient way to store goods. If you open one of these Gypsum Casts, you’ll get a boost to your gear’s level of expertise and an item of the same type.
The gypsum needed to make a single orb is equivalent to one day’s wages. You can only use one Sapphire Gypsum each day. These can be kept in your collection for future use. Breakthrough, outpost rush, arenas, and trade skill aptitude level-up prize containers do not include gypsum. Unless you complete the assignment, you will not be compensated. Each orb will be utilized to enhance the degree of expertise of a certain item slot and make goods that fall within its maximum conceivable range for that item slot. It takes roughly 31 Orbs to level a slot from 500 Gear Score to the maximum level. It is usually always the case that everything is set at its highest level, resulting in a Gear Score in the 591-600 region.
There will be a daily opportunity to level up the competency of each item slot. Gypsum-generating activities will become less frequent if a player gains proficiency in all equipment slots.
There are a number of places where Gypsum Kiln can convene:
Ascend to Edengrove, Ebonscale, Reekwater, the Great Cleave, Shattered Mountain, and more

Enter The Lazarus Expedition To Quickly Increase Expertise

Lazarus Expedition dumps and lazarus instruments that are based on the Expertise System as you enter. So, in order to Increase Expertise until you’ve previously achieved a gear score of above 600, you won’t be able to collect any valuables. When it comes to the expedition bosses in this dungeon, your expertise is certain to rise, as well as the possibility to rise.

The Lazarus Instrumentality may only be accessed by a member of your party who has a tuning orb (like other New World Expeditions). The Lazarus tuning orb will be lost if the player starts an expedition. Only one of the party’s members needs an Orb. Side quests at Reekwater and Shattered Mountain lead to the Lazarus tuning orb, which may be found there or crafted using the stonecutting profession. Seven days are allowed for the creation of no more than two orbs. Every day, a single Genesis Orb can be purchased from a member of your faction’s merchant network.

Enter Genesis Expedition

The maximum gear score for items taken from the Garden of Genesis is 600. Increase Expertise, on the other hand, governs these matters in the New World. There is no treasure at that level until your expertise reaches the 600 gear score, unless you are already at that level. In addition to the expedition monsters and treasure boxes in this dungeon, your level of competence will be raised significantly.

Outpost Rush

It has been determined that the awards for the Outpost Rush have been changed. Players in Outpost Rush receive Umbral Shards as a reward for winning a game. Each team earns a total of 100 shards, with the successful team receiving 100 and the loser team receiving 50. At least a specified amount of points are needed to qualify for this prize.

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