The Twisted Marionette Encounter Returns to Guild Wars 2 on July 13 and giving you a chance to face off against the world boss for the first time since its introduction in 2014.

The Twisted Marionette is a giant Twisted Watchwork super-weapon that was openly being tested at Marionette’s Landing. Created by Scarlet Briar, it was made in mockery of Queen Jennah‘s Watchknight.

After its destruction in 1327 AE, the marionette’s remains lie uselessly at the test site, covered with snow.

The Objective according to are :

Prepare for Scarlet’s

  • The floating machine above False River Valley is churning.

Weapon Test

  • Bonus chest containing Hoards of the Marionette Warden (chest between series I to IV, depending on the number of chains severed).

On success

If you’ve never gone up against the terrifying foe, it looks like you’ll have your hands full later this month. Best of all, the update will be free to all players.


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