Top 10 Ways to Get Gold in Guild Wars 2 Part I. Relaxing in the realm of MMORPGs? Even while you may control the pace of this massively online role-playing game, you must still make your character work in order to gain money, which you can use to purchase goods. So, how can you obtain gold in an instant? Here are the top ten methods to obtain gold in ArenaNet’s game. Look at this!

  1. Earn Money Through Your Crafting

Make sure your crafting level is high enough to profit from this talent. With low to medium difficulty, you can acquire a lot of gold. You may observe which crafts are valuable and scarce.

  1. Check that the daily tasks are completed

As long as you are diligent, you can tackle low-difficulty tasks in this manner. Earn gold by completing daily or weekly assignments.

  1. Trade Crafting Materials

Material deposits provide you an advantage, especially if you’ve been playing this game for a while. With a modest degree of difficulty, you will gain a lot of gold as you go.

  1. Attend the Silverwastes Maps Event

Make sure you focus on and finish this event before going on to the Breach event.
To use this strategy, you simply need to attain level 80. During the event, you may earn gold by selling crafting goods and ingredients in chests.

  1. Use the Bag Opener to obtain resources.

Maintain the Bag Opener and get resources by opening all looted bags. Only one may be unlocked at levels 43–50 and one at level 80. You can obtain uncommon materials or equipment if you have a high rank. So keep leveling up your character.

Although I listed the Top 10, I’ll stop at the sixth place to remind you that the main issue with acquiring a lot of gold is not the difficulty level, but the level itself. There are just a few methods for obtaining a significant amount of gold at a reasonable cost.

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