Top 5 Weapon Builds in New World

Top 5 Weapon Builds in New World. Exclusive! 5 best PVP weapons built in New World in Patch 1.2. Make sure you’ve updated to Patch 1.2 and that you’re prepared with weapon buffs and nerfs. Which weapon builds are appropriate for PVP in New World after Patch 1.2?

  1. Strength Melee DPS

To maximize DPS, use melee weapons. Melee weapons, in addition to increasing DPS (damage per second), can also be used to control crowds. Combine the Great Axe and the War Hammer to make a formidable weapon.

  1. Healers

Use the Life Staff. Many people use it in conjunction with an ice gauntlet, but I believe the Rapier is superior. You are saved from the great axe by a useful rapier. Remember to wear light armor if you want to deal a lot of damage and heal a lot of people.

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  1. DPS Physical Capacity

A weapon with a long range for maximum DPS. Don’t forget about Arrow. Arrows are popular and look great when paired with a rapier. Up to a short cooldown, get maximum DPS.

  1. Magical Damage Per Second

Many people wield fire staffs and ice gauntlets. Unfortunately, they were recently nerfed. As a result, try using the fire staff as a melee mage with a void gauntlet and medium armor.

  1. Melee Dexterity Hybrid DPS

Perhaps strange, and many will disagree, but spears are constantly buffed with each update. Spear gets a frame reduction even in patch 1.2. If an opponent approaches, you can follow up with a vault kick combo to knock them back. This is why the spear is called a “anti-melee.” For the best effect, combine with the arrows.
These are the Top 5 Weapon Meta Builds in New World Patch 1.2 for PvP. If you are having difficulty obtaining a weapon or your level is low, you can use Mmovigi’s Boosting Leveling services, as he is experienced in leveling New World. Mmovigi is a professional and trustworthy company with a lot of positive feedback.
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