Transport Ox Skin The Mistbison

The brand-new Mistbison skin is now available in Albion Online ingame store! This premiere mount skin transforms your Transport Ox base mount into an ancient, mystical beast from the age of Avalon. With its ability to transport heavy goods and resources across large distances, the Transport Ox is an essential part of Albion’s economic game. The Mistbison adds further options for those looking to upgrade their ox’s appearance, and joins a growing collection of skins for this popular mount. Like all mount skins, once the Mistbison is unlocked it can be used by all characters on the account.

Mount Skins

Mount Skins are vanity items that players may apply to change the appearance of the Mount.

  • Mount Skins are a consumable, one-use token
  • Mount Skins are applied account-wide
  • Mount Skins do not have any stats and are purely cosmetic
  • Mount Skins may only be applied to the Mount within that category
  • To add a Mount Skin to the Appearance tab, once skin is in player’s inventory, left click and select “Use” in the top left. Player will then be presented with a confirmation pop up box. Applying a mount skin to an account is not reversible
  • To apply a Mount Skin to a mount, the player should select their avatar in the top left of the screen. Select “Appearance” and then the “Mount Skins” tab. Transport Ox Skin The Mistbison

Farm Animal

Domestic Animals

Domestic Animals are either Livestock or Breeding animals. All of the baby animals, except the rare animals babies, can be bought from the Farming Merchant. Fame wise, breeding animals counts towards leveling one of the specific animal breeder skill, while the livestock fame doesn’t. Some animals are grown for their meat, while others are grown to be turned into mounts. There’s more info on raising animals on the Island Farms page.

Wild Animals

Wild animals are useful in Albion’s economy for their offspring or for their hide. Most of the wild animals are aggressive and will attack players that enter the aggro range. All Wild Animals can be killed and skinned. Some of them have a chance to drop a baby animal which can be raised in a kennel or pasture depending on the animal type. The grown animal can then be saddled to be turned into a Rare Mount.


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