Do you want to learn more about the Void Gauntlet in New World, from its perks and recommendations to its active skills and weapon suggestions? You’re in luck since we’ll be reviewing it based on information gathered from our expert gamers!

What exactly is the Void Gauntlet?

The Void Gauntlet is a magical-type weapon that deals void damage and scales of intellect and focus as main and secondary effects. Mastery may be divided into two types: annihilation and decay. Annihilation Mastery is a melee talent that focuses on doing massive damage to the enemy’s face. Decay, on the other hand, focuses on basic healing and boosting.

DPS-friendly perks include:

  • Information about intelligence
  • keen: critical chance
  • keenly fortified: on critical gain fortify

What are your favorite Void Gauntlet builds to share?

We propose the Build Void Gauntlet in the form of Build DPS, which comprises the following active abilities, passive skills, and passive keys:Active Capabilities

  • The Void Blade

By summoning a sword with Void energy, you may deal mild and strong melee damage.

  • Oblivion

By summoning a circular fissure, you may deal weapon damage to foes at a rate of up to 30% every second.

  • The Orb of Decay 

The Orb of Decay fires a ball that the target cannot block and does 100% weapon damage.Passive abilities

  • Forsaken Pact
  • Keen Confidence
  • Keen Humility
  • Refreshing Precision
  • Empowering Proximity
  • Leeching Agony
  • Refreshing Frailty

The Passive KeyThe Voidcaller is the most often utilized passive key in all void gauntlet builds. Despite having a cooldown of 20 seconds, Voidcaller has a special Out of Focus healing scale for 5 seconds.

Can You Recommend a Weapon?

Yes, we will present some recommended weapon combinations for the Void Gauntlet. You don’t need to be concerned because we explain everything there.

  • Lifestaff – The combo of heal and buff/debuff from voidgauntlet and lifestaff is particularly effective for the healer position.
  • Ice Gauntlet – Ice gauntlet is equivalent to burst skill, which is extremely simple to run out of combinations, therefore utilizing void gauntlet is quite efficient.
  • Firestaff – The flamethower in the firestaff construct drains a lot of mana. Mana use improves with the void gauntlet.

What If I Have a Problem with the Void Gauntlet?

Some of you, like all game players, may have problems or become stuck on a specific job or issue set. Before you decide to stop playing your favorite game, you should strive to fix every problem.
If our recommended construct is appropriate for your style of play, you can utilize it. However, if you don’t have it yet or are having problems, please contact us.
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